NYS Legal Online Ammunition Ordering

Here's how it works. 

Find the ammo that you want on whatever website you want. It helps if they have it in stock! Email me a link directly to the ammo you want to purchase. Do not send me a link to the home page of the site you want me to purchase through. Just to be sure include in your message the exact brand and type of ammo you wish to purchase. Include the number of boxes not the number of rounds! i.e. the quantity you would enter into their website. I will then purchase the ammo for you and have it shipped to me. I will email you letting you know I placed the order. Once the ammo is received I will email you letting you know it is ready for pickup. You then have 30 days to pay for your ammo. I will hold all ammo for one year once paid for. Obviously you can pay for the ammo when you pick it up if within 30 days. 

We can also ship your ammo to an FFL in NYS if you would like. Please check out using your information as the billing address and the FFL as the shipping address. Please then email a copy of the FFL paperwork to Info@HuntingTactical.com including your order number. The fee's below do not apply for this order if it is placed through an instock item on our website.

There is a $5 search fee if you would like us to find a specific type of ammunition for you Service Fee

< $250---$5

$250 < > $500---2%

$500+---1% or $10 whichever is greater

*** > 999 Rounds Minimum $10 fee ***