#38 Ripcordn+?++ (.38cal/9MM)

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0.15 LBS
For times in the field when you just cant reach your Otis cleaning system and need a quick and effective clean reach for the Ripcordᆴ. This convenient tool cleans from Breech-to-Muzzleᆴ in one quick and easy pass. The molded rubberized core and Nomexᆴ fibers together create a more effective way to trap and remove fouling.

- 10" of aggressive cleaning surface
- Heat resistance up to 700 degrees F
- Helix shape engages rifling through the barrel
- Nomexᆴ fibers act as both a brush to loosen and a patch to capture fouling particles
- Equipped with 8-32 threaded ends to fit all Otis cleaning components
- Caliber: .38cal/9MM