Spring Turkey 2018 Frustrating Day

Posted by Tacti_Steve on May 9th 2018

Well that was frustrating, but minus the bird in the end it is what I go out there for. Got out on time (I'm on fire this year) and the birds started all around me about 5 am. I let them know I was th … read more

2nd Day of Spring Turkey 2018

Posted by Tacti_Steve on May 2nd 2018

Today started off exciting. Got situated on time again this morning. That never happens. About 10 after 5 four started Gobbling in the trees near me. The dominate one was only about 100 yards in front … read more

Opening Day Spring Turkey 2018

Posted by Tacti_Steve on May 1st 2018

Well the NYS DEC is projecting a lackluster year for 2018 due to low birthrates in 2016 & 2017. But my season started out exciting. I started off the day on time for once. I was setup and sitting … read more

Hunting and Trapping News: Wild Turkey Hunting

Posted by DEC on Oct 6th 2017

Wild Turkey HuntingWith good production in summer 2015 followed by two mild winters, there are more birds on the landscape than in previous years. However, this increase may be offset by poor reproduc … read more

Seeing modern technology being accepted more

Mar 16th 2017

Great article on how to modernize your Remington 870. But someone should tell the author that Remington already makes a version with that stock for less money. I know my father has one. And … read more