Spring Turkey 2018 Frustrating Day

Posted by Tacti_Steve on May 9th 2018

Well that was frustrating, but minus the bird in the end it is what I go out there for. Got out on time (I'm on fire this year) and the birds started all around me about 5 am. I let them know I was there about 5:30. At 5:55 the big strutter came into the filed about 400 yards out. Come to find out he had already gathered his hens. So he wasn't going to cross the field to me, especially with a strutting Tom decoy out. 

I worked him for about a half hour and finally he had enough and started down the far hedge row. His three hens and Jake in toe. He got a ways down and cut through to the next field south of me. The dominate hen though, she didn't like me. She took the rest of the flock south sooner.

So I took the opportunity and went to head them off. I played it just right and had some luck. I managed to get between the hens and the Tom. I gently spooked the hens east with the Tom on the other side of a thicket. Now it was just us and he didn't have his hens. I worked him good for a long time but he just did not want to come through the thicket. at one point I don't think he was 60 yards. We worked each other back and forth down the edge. I mean I really was bringing my A game. Some of the best hunting I've ever done and this Tom was really testing it. 

Then I saw a large bird fly up into a try. I thought it was him. That he was checking it out and would fly down to my side. Then it flew to a tree in the middle of the thicket and I could tell it was a Goose (Canadian). That's right a Goose in a tree! I've never seen that before. I was standing there with my jaw open. Of course it made me and sounded the alarm. Everything took off and the hunt was over. I was so shocked I didn't get my camera out in time to snap a pic. You'll just have to take my word for it I saw a Goose in a tree. What a hunt. Here is a short vid I took when I finally accepted he wasn't going to come across the field.