2nd Day of Spring Turkey 2018

Posted by Tacti_Steve on May 2nd 2018

Today started off exciting. Got situated on time again this morning. That never happens. About 10 after 5 four started Gobbling in the trees near me. The dominate one was only about 100 yards in front of me. Unfortunately they must have said something sweeter than I did because they all flew down and grouped up in the field on the other side. 

About 6 I got them talking again and three strutting Toms came out in the field to the south and hung up about 200 yards out. They put on a nice show, strutting and jockeying for position. Then the dominate one went west across the field and the other two went into the hedge row east. About 10 minutes later four strutting Toms came out of the hedge row and followed the first to join up with a group of hens.

I knew they weren't going to come to my calls so I started down the farm road to try and head them off. I got about parallel to them and kicked up half a dozen deer. They ran from me to the woods on the other side taking the Turkey's with them. 

I headed back to my spot and got situated. The temperature was coming up so I dropped my coat and went across the field to the south. I setup on the east side of the woods they went into. Called for a while but got no answer. Figuring they were calmed down now (8:15) I got up and walked the south edge of the woods to where they went in. Got to where I wanted to be and one lite up Gobbling about 50 yards in the thicket. 

I quickly grabbed a spot to sit in my Alps Mountaineering Weekender seat and started calling. I called out three hens. The first one was the dominate hen and she didn't like me. She quickly went north across the field. The second hen milled around for a while then followed. The third went back south into the woods. They were all about 80 yards out. Then as the last one went into the woods a pair of young Toms came out about 50 yards. I've been watching this pair mature over the past few years and they are looking good with beards about 5-6" long. They didn't want anything to do with me and followed the other two across the field to the north. Now being 9:45 and the sun fully up I called it a morning. It had quickly warmed up to a solid 80 degrees and I was roasting in the sun. Had to use bug spray for the first time this year already. Supposed to rain tomorrow so probably won't get back out until Saturday.