Spring Turkey 2018 Frustrating Day

Posted by Tacti_Steve on May 9th 2018

Well that was frustrating, but minus the bird in the end it is what I go out there for. Got out on time (I'm on fire this year) and the birds started all around me about 5 am. I let them know I was th … read more

2nd Day of Spring Turkey 2018

Posted by Tacti_Steve on May 2nd 2018

Today started off exciting. Got situated on time again this morning. That never happens. About 10 after 5 four started Gobbling in the trees near me. The dominate one was only about 100 yards in front … read more

Opening Day Spring Turkey 2018

Posted by Tacti_Steve on May 1st 2018

Well the NYS DEC is projecting a lackluster year for 2018 due to low birthrates in 2016 & 2017. But my season started out exciting. I started off the day on time for once. I was setup and sitting … read more

Bear Harvest Results from 2017

Posted by DEC on Mar 20th 2018

Bear Harvest Results from 2017New York bear hunters took a total of 1,420 black bears during the 2017 hunting seasons. Hunters took an estimated 1,037 black bears in the Southern Zone, nearly the same … read more

How Well Do You Know Your Grouse?

Nov 22nd 2017

Be mindful of the presence of the NYS-endangered spruce grouse while hunting ruffed grouse in Wildlife Management Units 5C, 5F, 6F, and 6J. DEC biologists have supplemented existing populations of spr … read more