Hornady 308 Superformance Match H8077 178 gr BTHP 20 Rounds

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Hornady Match ammunition is loaded with accurate performance in mind above all else. All Hornady Match ammunition features either the A-Max bullet, a low drag sharp polymer tip design intended to provide the best possible accuracy at any range, or the tried and true boat tail hollow point design. It is FAST! It is ACCURATE! It is VERSATILE! Superformance Match Ammunition achieves muzzle velocities of 100 – 200 fps faster than ANY conventional ammunition. Amazing ammunition performance starts with outstanding bullets, and Hornady AMAX and Boattail Hollow Point Match bullets, now featuring revolutionary new AMP (Advanced Manufacturing Process) bullet jackets, raise the standard. Topped with the finest bullets, Superformance Match ammunition marries the very best cartridge cases with extremely stable propellants that are custom blended for each individual load to provide TRUE ammunition performance enhancement. Highpower competitors, as well as law enforcement and military shooters and snipers will all benefit from the Superformance Match advantage – higher muzzle velocity, phenomenal accuracy, increased range and reduced wind drift. Superformance Match - the limits have been broken! Cases are hand selected based on strict criteria: wall thickness uniformity, internal capacity, case weight and consistent wall concentricity. We get proper bullet seating, consistent charges and pressures, optimal velocity and repeatable accuracy. These jackets represent a technological advancement in design, tooling and manufacturing. Developed by Hornady technicians, AMP Bullet Jackets feature near-zero wall thickness variation, resulting in unprecedented concentricity and uniformity throughout the jacket. Powder is matched carefully to each specific load for optimal pressure, velocity and consistent accuracy. Like the powder, the primers we select are the highest quality available, perfectly matched to the load. 2775 fps at muzzle 2604 fps at 100 yards 2440 fps at 200 yards 2282 fps at 300 yards 2129 fps at 400 yards 1983 fps at 500 yards 3043 ft/lbs. energy at muzzle 2681 ft/lbs. at 100 yards 2353 ft/lbs. at 200 yards 2058 ft/lbs. at 300 yards 1792 ft/lbs. at 400 yards 1554 ft/lbs. at 500 yards Recommended for long range accuracy shootingHornady 308 Superformance Match H8077 178 gr BTHP H8077,H8077BRICK,H8077CASE,H8077XHornady 308 Superformance Match H8077 178 gr BTHP