Hornady 223 Rem Steel Match H80274 55 gr HP 50 rounds

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Product Information"Ten Bullets through one hole" was the philosophy of Joyce Hornady, the company's founder. This great idea of accuracy and perfection has continued from the first bullet made more than sixty years ago, right through today. Hornady has a reputation for producing some of the most accurate and consistent ammunition on the market. Hornady Match Ammunition is typically loaded in Hornady head stamped brass cases, however, to save the shooter money without compromising on accuracy and performance Hornady has introduced Steel MatchSteel Match ammunition is loaded in steel cases and is loaded with the same high-tech propellants and match bullets that are loaded in their match line of ammunition. All Steel Match ammunition is loaded with non-corrosive berdan primers and shoots just as accurately as the brass case rounds so you can shoot and practice more without breaking the bank. This ammunition is new production. This ammunition is new production and will meet all IDPA, IPSC/USPSA "Minor" power factor performance criteria. Hornady uses polymer coated steel and lacquer coated steel for their Steel Match product. We cannot offer a choice on case type.Technical InformationCaliber: 223 RemingtonBullet Weight: 55 GrainsBullet Style: Hollow PointCase Type: Polymer Coated SteelPrimer Type: Non-Corrosive Berdan PrimedBallistics Information:Muzzle Velocity: 3240 fpsMuzzle Energy: 1282 ft. lbs.