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Choosing a hunting light

Posted by Tacti_Steve on

Just found a nice little review site on some different lights. The light I use they have listed as number 5. I have it under a different brand but its the same light. Great for the price. But if quality is what you're looking for then I recommend brighteyes. Which funny enough wasn't on their list. They actually only had that one head lamp on their list.

DEC Revising Permit Requirement for Bobcat Hunting and Trapping

New York Hunters and Trappers No Longer Required to Obtain Special PermitThe New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) announced today that the agency is adopting a regulatory proposal to revise the special permit requirement for bobcat hunting and trapping.Upon completion of the Bobcat Management Plan in 2012, regulations were adopted to establish a [...]

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HT60 is S.A.F.E. Act Compliant

Here we are going to clarify for those in New York State why the HT60 is S.A.F.E. Act compliant. This means you can have all the features the restricted in the S.A.F.E. Act when you use the HT60. First and foremost this ONLY applies when the HT60 is assembled on the Marlin Model 60 or any of the tube-fed variants! [...]

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HT60 and $50 Giveaway

Since popular advertising media will not allow us to advertise our Tactical Marlin/Glenfield Model 60 & 795 Stock - HT60 we figured we would just give you our money instead. We're looking for 50 customers (25 model 60 and 25 model 795) to do product reviews of the HT60 on This is FREE to [...]

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Tick bite can make you stop eating meat!

Did you know that a bite from a lonestar tick can make you allergic to meat? It works similar to how leaky gut works. The sugar or proteins enter the blood stream directly (via the tick or leaky gut) and your white blood cells attack thinking it is an invader. Your body then builds up [...]

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New HT60 Picture

Here's a picture of the 60 in an HT60 I just got done with.

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Become a Citizen Scientist for Black Bear Research and Management in New York with iSeeMammals App

iSeeMammals is a new citizen science project of the New York Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit at Cornell University and DEC. It seeks to collect data to help researchers and DEC biologists study the distribution and size of the black bear population in New York. iSeeMammals will help researchers collect data over more [...]

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